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Animation often gives your marketing materials that extra little "kick" which separates your ads from those of your competitors.

Web animators, such as Double Diamond Designs, most often use Flash® to generate the desired product. Flash allows the developer to fully control what will be displayed and at what speed. And, since Flash is installed on more than 95% of the personal computers in use today, your potential clientele will be able to view your animation.



It is quite common to use photos, text and varying hues to get your point across. In this case, a homebuilder wants potential homebuyers to realize he can satisfy their wishes and dreams.

Headers and banners can be interactive. In this example, the viewer is asked to click on either revolving hammer. Upon clicking, s/he is sent to an "incentive" menu page with a similar theme. Try it!
Animated photography can be quite mesmerizing. In this piece, a helicopter comes toward the viewer and then stops and hovers. For our purposes, we're replaying the sequence time and again. To see how it looks in a web header, go to
The following animation is a series of moving photograhs which may portray how the world is seen through the eyes of a helicopter pilot.

Double Diamond Designs