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Nothing is more exciting to the small business owner than watching his/her company grow. A website representing your company provides you with the best opportunity to display what you have to offer to the largest customer base available. See Our Sample Websites!

The first step is determining what you want your web presence to achieve. Double Diamond utilizes a systematic approach to web design to help you make that determination, ranging from Up-Front Analysis to Go Live Date.

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AnalysisWe will help you define your website expectations and then focus on specific site requirements. Once the solutions to your website needs are defined, and the requirements and strategies are accurately mapped, we can design the site screens to help you reach your business goals.


Screen DesignCreating a screen design for your business requires knowledge of the necessary technology and the creativity to know what will attract your targeted customers. Double Diamond provides both of these and we work with you to develop a design that tells your customers "I understand your needs and I have solutions to your problems."

One design thought will always reign supreme with Double Diamond: Elegance through Simplicity.

HostingDouble Diamond can host your website for a very competitive rate or we can work hand-in-hand with the webhost of your choice.



emailPersonalized email with your own domain name is now the norm, but you may not have the time or expertise to develop this vital communication link with your clientele. Double Diamond can do it for you and, depending on your specific needs, we can set up a single account or multiple accounts.


Site UpdatesA website becomes a living part of your company. How well it thrives depends upon how well and how often it is fed. Keeping your site vibrant and up-to-date is paramount and Double Diamond will work with you to make certain your site never grows stagnant. We can set up a schedule of updates to keep your site fresh and attractive — based on YOUR needs.



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